The DO’s and DONT’s of Choosing a WordPress Theme

WordPress is a platform that allows you to create and maintain a beautiful and functional website without needing a lot of coding skills. It is simple to use and even allows businesses and individuals to develop websites with ease.

WordPress is a platform that allows you to create and maintain a beautiful and functional website without needing a lot of coding skills. It is simple to use and even allows businesses and individuals to develop websites with ease.

Choosing a topic should be given top priority, and it necessitates much research and preparation. Before choosing which WordPress theme is suitable for you, be sure you know exactly what you want.

There are several websites that compete with yours. You certainly don’t want yours to be left behind. Websites that are pleasant to the eye can assist to improve user engagement and experience.

With dozens of themes to choose from, finding the ideal theme for your WordPress website may be difficult. The WordPress repository has almost 6000 free WordPress themes. You want to make sure that your theme is speedy and that page speed gains are obvious.

Here are some things to consider while selecting a WordPress theme for the first time. Continue looking through a variety of WordPress themes until you locate one that best matches your company.

The Do’s of Choosing a WordPress Theme

The Trick is to Keep Things Simple

All that glitters isn’t gold, as the adage goes, and this is especially true when it comes to selecting a website theme. WP’s theme library is vast. There are now over 6000 WordPress themes to choose from.

Complex layouts, dazzling animations, a plethora of colors, non-essential javascript, and other features are included in some of them. All of this makes it impossible for the website to function properly.

Choose a theme that will assist you in achieving your site’s primary aim and purpose. A brightly colored website with a complicated structure may appeal to your eyes, but it may divert your visitors’ attention away from the message and information you want to convey to them.

Simple websites allow you to focus more on the content while also improving your typography. People like websites that prioritize their users, and WPFond does just that. If you’re wondering what the golden rule is when it comes to selecting a WordPress theme, the answer is the same every time. Keep an eye on your users at all times.

Ascertain that Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Making a responsive website is no longer an option with millions of online consumers accessing and browsing the internet via their mobile devices. It’s a must. The amount of traffic generated by mobile devices might account for more than half of your entire website traffic.

Your firm will lose half of its visitors if it does not have a mobile-friendly website. According to new research, mobile visits have surpassed desktop users. According to a survey conducted in the United States, mobile traffic has risen at a faster rate than desktop/laptop traffic.

By default, most WordPress themes are responsive. However, some dealers continue to sell themes with a fixed layout that are not mobile-friendly. So, if you’re picking a theme, make sure it’s responsive.

To ensure that mobile customers have the best possible experience with fantastic mobile-friendly websites, you may employ AMP and instant articles.

Recognize what your website’s purpose is

The WPFond website does an excellent job of explaining which sorts of sites its themes are most suited for, which can help you make the best decision. For example, if the primary purpose of your website is to collect email addresses for future promotions, you may choose a premium theme from the WPFond theme area, and the experts are always available to help.

Make Sure Your Theme Works on Different Browsers

Check that the theme you choose is compatible with the most popular browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

According to statistics, Chrome has the largest market share, with over 60% of people using it on a regular basis.

When picking a WordPress theme, make sure it functions well in all major browsers.

There are several sophisticated tools that help site designers to determine whether or not a theme is suitable. When selecting a WordPress theme, be certain that it is compatible with a variety of browsers. Before you finalize your template, find one and test it.

Make Sure Your Theme Works with a variety of Plugins

WordPress plugins allow you to extend the functionality of your website. As a result, when picking a WordPress theme, make sure that plugins like Yoast SEO, cache plugins, forms, and multivendor plugins perform as planned.

Choose which WordPress Theme Supports Different Languages

It will be useful to your business if you choose a theme that supports languages other than English and is translation-ready. It will be more useful if you are operating in a non-English speaking country with a multilingual target audience.

Even if you do not require it right now, keep this feature in mind so that it will be easier to adjust your website when you do.

On a WordPress website, site navigation is really vital. You could need a simple navigation system with a few particular options for your visitors. If you don’t want to learn about PHP, incorporating navigation might be a difficult yet sensitive task. So, before you begin the installation, double-check that your theme includes everything you need.

Choose an SEO Optimized Theme

If people cannot locate your website online, it is meaningless. Choose a WordPress theme that supports Search Engine Optimization to ensure that your target audience can quickly locate your site (SEO).

SEO is a set of techniques whose main purpose is to get your website to the first pages of Google’s search results (SERP)

Responsive theme a must

Responsive themes should change slowly and constructively when seen on smartphones. When visiting a website on a mobile device, you’ll notice that everything, including the content, is shown in a single column. If you’re using WordPress, the easiest approach to guarantee that your site is mobile-friendly is to utilize a responsively developed theme.

Check What WordPress theme is Free or Paid?

Whether you choose to go with a free or premium theme relies solely on your budget. You may get several free themes from reputable websites such as Due to the lack of support for free themes, it may or may not be compatible when the next WordPress theme update is available. When you purchase a premium WordPress theme, you have access to the template files as well as to current updates and product support. The level of support will be comparable to that of a free theme since you will be less pleased. Premium themes are both worthwhile and impressive. WPFond is where you can get the greatest premium themes.

 Check Reviews before Choosing which WordPress Theme You are going to use

Customer or user reviews are one of the finest methods to learn about the theme’s efficiency. If the theme is good, you’ll be able to tell since it will receive positive feedback. Also, take a brief glance at their help forum to see that the developer responds to consumer questions.

The Don’ts of Choosing a WordPress Theme

Don’t choose a bloated WordPress theme

A theme with a lot of features may appear enticing at first, but it may do more harm than good in the long term. These themes may jeopardize security, cause visitors to become distracted, or cause the site to load slowly. Consider upgrading to premium themes if you have the funds. Themes that must be purchased are frequently better and provide regular patches and updates, as well as greater support, better code, and enhanced security.

Don’t use too many Google fonts

Some themes have limited customization possibilities, but others allow users to change their font via CSS. It’s advisable to keep the one with a variety of customizing possibilities.

If you’re going to select a typeface, choose something basic like Tahoma, Verdana, or Serifs.

Don’t Use Overloaded Theme

Your theme options should never be overloaded. You don’t need a million different theme choices.

Because it will cause customization troubles, your theme should not be prepared in line somewhere in the markup or else at the head of the content.


Take your time while looking for and selecting a theme for your website. The time and effort you put in, as well as the money you invest, will all be well worth it. Hopefully, this list will assist you in narrowing down your options and identifying the theme that best meets your needs.

The crucial do’s and don’ts listed above will undoubtedly assist you in selecting a distinctive WordPress theme for your website. So start putting them into practice, and you could just find the finest WordPress theme for your site.

After you’ve chosen your WordPress theme, be sure you follow the best SEO strategies outlined in the article above.

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