How WPFond’s Powerful Features Make Work Simpler For You

WPFond is a passionate web design firm that helps our clients connect the links between business, brand, and purpose in order to magnify their voices, impact, and income.We create a lot of websites, and WPFond’s powerful features make the process much easier and faster for both our developers and our clients.

Here are a few of WPFond’s unique features that set us apart from the competitors in the market:

Strong Backup

Without any further set up by the team, WPFond backs up all of our customer sites on a daily basis. Whew! On-demand backups are very straightforward to set up; we like to do them before installing plugins or making changes to a client’s site.

Worst-case scenario: if a customer attempts to make a modification or an update and damages anything critical, WPFond’s easy backup stations enable us to swiftly and simply restore their site.

Free SSL Certificate

The free SSL certificate that WPFond includes with every domain is a must-have, and it just takes a few minutes to set up.

Clearly, the SSL certificate improves the site’s security. However, perhaps more crucially, it boosts the user’s trust and confidence in the website by informing them that the site is safe and that their connection is private.

The user will never have to question if this site—and, by consequence, the business—is trapped in the past thanks to up-to-date security certificates.

Furthermore, Google’s algorithm considers HTTPS to be a significant element in determining a site’s trustworthiness—to the point where sites with an SSL certificate have an edge over those without. What does this mean for WPFond-hosted sites? Better SEO!

Staging and Deployment with a Single Click

Our development process would not be complete without the one-click staging functionality! Clients like being able to view changes to their sites before they go live, and we appreciate having a simple method to communicate them!

When they’re ready, One-Click Deployment makes it simple to put the modifications into effect with a single click.

WPFond‘s user-friendly approach also allows the site to be transferred from LIVE to Staging with a single click.

All in One Dashboard

When you hear of WPFond’s Powerful features do not take it as just a statement as we prove what we say. Think again if you’re thinking, “Well, those features seem nice, but I’m sure I’ll have to click around to three dozen different sites to discover them all.” WPFond provides everything we want in one easy-to-use dashboard.

It’s everything right there, whether we need to check the Site Overview for launch traffic stats, utilize the simple SFTP to move a site or even generate a custom report.

 Amazing Support

WPFond provides specialized assistance 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s critical to us since life and work don’t take place between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday!

If a customer has a problem, WPFond’s support staff will help them get back up and running as quickly as feasible.

That’s all there is to it! WPFond’s hosting is the greatest solution for our clients because of its many quick, simple, and user-friendly features. This allows our customers to focus on what they do best, while our staff concentrates on assisting them in digging deeper into themselves, their mission, and their effect.

How WPFond’s Powerful features Benefit you?

WPFond’s WordPress Hosting is suitable for WordPress websites. It not only gives excellent speed since it is set up to be extremely compatible with WordPress, but it also includes a number of WordPress administrative capabilities. This makes it simple for website owners to administer and maintain their sites without having to devote additional resources. Although many hosting companies provide different services, we will discuss the advantages of WPFond’s WordPress Hosting and WPFond’s powerful features’ advantages to the users.

  • WordPress is highly compatible.
  • Improves the performance of WordPress pages.
  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • Automatic updates.
  • Cloud-based hosting infrastructure.
  • CodeGuard backups are automated.
  • SiteLock provides daily virus screening and protection.
  • Pre InstalledPlugins
  • WordPress maintenance services that are managed.

Let’s take a closer look at each benefit of WP Hosting one by one to have a better grasp of them.


Every software program will have its own set of system requirements, which will impact how well it works. Keeping this in mind, even WordPress as a piece of software has its own set of optimal system requirements. WPFond’s WordPress Hosting assures that the hardware, firmware, and software configurations are all extremely compatible, allowing it to work smoothly.

You will not experience performance difficulties or system freezes if you use a compatible system. The hosted website may crash or be momentarily unavailable if the system fails, which may have major consequences for the website’s authority and visitor experience.

WordPress is Pre-Installed:

This capability would be extremely useful to WPFond developers who frequently work on WordPress projects. You don’t have to download and install WordPress on the server because it comes pre-installed. You just buy the plan and get started building your website. This saves you a lot of time and eliminates any compatibility concerns.

Automatic WordPress Updates:

Automatic WordPress updates are another significant feature of WPFond‘s WordPress Hosting. Every new update brings with it a slew of new features and bug fixes. Not only will you miss out on these important enhancements and bug fixes if your WordPress hosting isn’t up to date, but you’ll also be more vulnerable to external security threats. WPFond’s automatic update function guarantees that you are always up to date. It is conceivable that the website you host is incompatible with newer WordPress versions. Despite the fact that this event is extremely unusual, it nonetheless exists. In such circumstances, disabling automatic updates is as simple as flipping a switch.

Cloud-Based Hosting:

The fact that WPFond’s WordPress Hosting plans are cloud-based is one of the main advantages. As a result, WordPress Hosting gets the advantages of Cloud Hosting. Due to the lack of a single point of failure, these advantages include immediate scalability and a high level of reliability. Furthermore, inside this Cloud-based environment, we integrate Varnish Cache, which has the ability to boost the performance of your website by 1000 percent.

Great Security

Premium website security and backup capabilities are available as part of our WordPress hosting services. One of them is CodeGuard, which takes regular backups of your website so that you have adequate recovery points in the event of a crisis. SiteLock is another option included with our WordPress hosting. This program checks the website for malware and security concerns on a regular basis and alerts you when action is required. SiteLock may also be set up to automatically deal with security issues in the event of an encounter.

Budget-Friendly Pricing

WPFondPricing is adjusted keeping the budget of all types of clients in mind. Here at WPFond, we offer different plans which are starting as low as 3.60$ per month with 30 days money-back guarantee to ensure the complete satisfaction of our respected customers.

Pre-installed Plugins:

Plugins provide a solid foundation for WordPress development. Plugins may be used to accomplish any operation or function you can think of. Our WP hosting plans include a number of critical plugins that may be used for a variety of purposes, including WordPress theme provisioning, lazy loading, marketing services like analytics, automatic social networking and SEO tools, payment gateway integrations, and high-end website security.

Managed Services:

Another advantageous feature is the availability of managed services. This implies that the WPFond will handle all of your website maintenance responsibilities for you. You, as the website owner, are responsible for WordPress upkeep without managed services, which costs time and money and is unsafe if you don’t know how to handle it properly.

 Managed services include a slew of topics, including the scalability of hosting resources like CPU, RAM, and storage space. As your website grows, you’ll need more hosting resources to handle the increased traffic. The managed workforce can easily execute this, and you won’t have to worry about the technicalities.

The optimization of the WP Database is another example of managed services. The WP database stores all of your website’s key data, like pages, posts, form entries, cookies, plugin settings, theme settings, and so on. This database will expand in size as your website grows. Bulky WP databases are often sluggish, and they must be optimized so that they do not slow down the website’s overall performance. You don’t have to do anything since the managed hosting team takes care of everything.


As you can see from the information above, WordPress Hosting offers a number of benefits and should be considered for WordPress blogs of all sizes.WPFond’s powerful features will help you in growing your website. Please feel free to contact us or leave your opinions in the comments area below if you have any queries or require any clarification on the benefits of WordPress Hosting. We’ll read them through and get back to you as soon as possible. If you’re interested in learning more about the various WordPress Hosting plans offered by WPFond, check WPFond Blog. I hope this information is useful, and stay tuned for more amazing content!

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