WPFond Is Committed To WordPress

We believe in WordPress, and our in-house staff consists of WordPress specialists that are devoted to providing the finest customer service possible anytime you want assistance.

WPFond Is Independent

WPFond is honored to be amongst the industry's few privately-owned, independent world wide web hosting firms which allow us to focus on our customers and consistently improve our cloud hosting platform.

WPFond Believes in Transparency

In our plans, there are no hidden costs. "Unlimited plans" with hidden prices are not something we believe in. You will receive exactly what you see. Our terms are always transparent and truthful.

WPFond Is Easy to Use

Web hosting does not have to be difficult. this is the reason why we strive to make your hosting experience as straightforward as possible.

Why Choose WPFond?

Here are a few reasons why our customers choose Sandbox.

WPFond goes Above and Beyond

We've been concentrating on giving genuine value and developing a responsive and competent customer service team. We cherish our customers and go out of our way to assure their satisfaction. There are no regulations or policies that can guarantee Such a fantastic client experience.

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WPFond Values Its Customers

We cherish our customers and go out of our way to make them happy. We couldn't have grown over the years if it weren't for you and all of our wonderful customers like you. We've been able to make a difference and stand out from a long list of hundreds of web hosting businesses because of customers like you who have shared your experience through word of mouth and customer recommendations.

Save Time and Money

Save your time and money by choosing our professional team.

Customer Satisfaction

Increased Revenue

Who We Are?

Because of the nature of our services, we are required to provide assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we are always available to assist you. Because we have clients from all over the world, we need to be able to accommodate all time zones. We are one of the best hosting businesses since we have a scattered workforce of brilliant people throughout the world.

Our employees are the lifeblood of our business. We wouldn't have been able to take a stance in front of you if it hadn't been for them.

Dan J.


Alii R.


Arslan A.

HR Manager

All E.

Support Lead

Mohsin A.

Support Engineer

Sohaib M.

Support Engineer

Jamal .M

Support Engineer

Saqib I.

System Engineer

Usman M.

Support Engineer

Faiz M.


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